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The Licenses page needs some user experience work

The licensing page needs more thought about sorting that page more from the point of view of what the user is doing, and then be able to offer the right license. There is no cohesion in the titles and the information flow feels completely random.

After entering the page, it says: Site License

"Site License" is vague, jargony, and doesn't mean anything specific, especially in the case of a CMS. It's general, and excludes very little. It implies, that another title that looks similar should follow, that would be something like: "Non site licenses", but that doesn't happen, which makes it impossible for a person to focus their searching to a point of interest.

Seemingly unrelated title texts seem to be followed by product packages that do not match that title.

Title: "Unlimited servers, instances, jargonjargon"
Followed by: "24/7 business support"

Why isn't the exact thing that gives me exactly that followed by that title?

Here's an improved way to construct this page:
"Making a website or multiple websites on a single server for a customer?" Here's a license for you.
"Making a website for yourself?" Here's a license for you.
"Making a image resizer plugin?" Here's a license for you
"Making a phone app?" Here's a license for you
"Making a windows store app?" Here's a license for you.
"I want to redistribute and modify imageresizer" Here's the license for that

Then after that's selected, in step 2:

"Would you like support with that?" - Here's the support package on top
"How about unlimited usage?" Elite edition site license might suit you

The end user only knows what they're doing, and when your license information has a very hard to decipher relation to the things that people do, it is extremely hard to figure out which license they need.

The body texts of each license-description focuses far too much on what it can do, and nothing is said about what you can't do with it, when the "can't" part is the only thing that matters when deciding which license to buy. The information should be:
+ Includes all things from License X
+ And also, it can do PDF resizing
- Cannot redistribute
- Must release sourcecode and provide attribution

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