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Troubleshooting a DRM-free installation

Please note that if you've previously installed a version of DRM-laden ImageResizer paid plugins, NuGet (2016 and later) has stored them in a machine-wide cache, and will pull those from cache instead of using the nuget source you configured above.

Troubleshooting a DRM-free installation

  1. Look at /resizer.debug. You should see the following text:
    This DRM-free assembly will not enforce license keys, although we show validation information
    OR have no mention of license keys whatsoever (if you aren't using a plugin with DRM included - not all paid plugins include DRM, despite license requirements).
  2. Still got DRM? First, uninstall the paid ImageResizer plugins. Check to verify that "LicenseEnforcer" doesn't appear under Registered Plugins. LicenseEnforcer appears with both DRM-free and DRM plugins, but for DRM-free plugins, the LicenseEnforcer is swapped out with a dummy class of the same name.
  3. Next, clear your machine-wide nuget cache. In some orgs, you may have internal nuget servers or proxies (TeamCity does this) which cache NuGet packages in the same, broken, source-unaware manner. This broken caching behavior is a new "feature" in all of NuGet's 2016 releases.
  4. Reinstall the packages, ensuring that you're pulling from, not
  5. Clear the /imagecache directory, as you may have cached results with the red watermark dot.

In response to NuGet's eternal bugginess, we are considering alternate strategies. We applogize for how complex this process has become. It is not consistent with our turnkey, self-diagnosing product design philosophy. We have plenty of data showing that continued maintenance (let alone R&D) can't be financially sustainable in the absence of some form of DRM, so we may introduce a kind of license key that is not tied to domains (which, if introduced, will be retroactively added to your order).

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